Afghanistan, a Trillion Dollar Crypto Superpower (Stock exchange on FTM and more)

Crypto is the game of finding a pearl among an ocean of failed projects.

Those who recognize an opportunity when she first appears, will profit immensely.

The prince doesn’t always looks like a stud, but in the art of love, the purse is also the pertinent reason, of many weddings.

Crypto PEPE Investment Advice

Now it is time to make the make an acquaintance with the misunderstood Fantom (FTM).

Let’s be realistic about the crypto space, few projects have got real-world applications.

Fantom stands quite alone among many.

Afghanistan, the graveyard of many armies, is a misunderstood country.

The choice of a wide-scale partnerships between them is audacious, and In my firm opinion, judicious.

First, keep in mind a crucial Proof-of-Stake chains characteristic.

The strength of project like Chainlink (or Fantom) for us investors, is this unique faculty of collateralizing a whole network.

In clear terms, to protect the contracts against a hack, the value of the tokens circulating needs to be equal to a percentage of the value represented on chain (for Opera the minimum is 33%). They are what experienced investor refers to an «utility token».

It is critical to note, in Afghanistan, Fantom speaks a serious language,

In fact, the minister of energies found the crypto team and product serious enough to give them an ambitious project, to develop an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) suite with auditing software and custom CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. These products will store important hashes on Opera, allowing software to verify file integrity and authenticity by comparing local hashes with hashes on Opera. Every check will require transactions on the Opera chain. Those who know the value of the ERP+CRM market (80 billions) would now listen more attentively to what is following.

This currently showcases the most ambitious crypto project on a public chain in a real world application. This project could easily be ported and applied to other country’s in the region as well.

But it is time for me to now introduce you closer to the pearl.

On the last podcast, Fantom CMO Michael Chen and Fantom Director of Asia Operations S. Harcourt presented their ambition to pursue the building of a stock exchange in Afghanistan and the potential of the well-known lithium reserves in the country.

At the annual Spring Meetings of the Boards of Governors of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund in Washington, the Afghanistan central bank governor said:

[Afghanistan is looking into issuing a sovereign [ ] bond[..] Governor at the Central Bank of Afghanistan Khalil Sediq said a crypto bond could help the country raise some of the US$5.8 billion that Afghanistan needs for its mining, energy and agriculture industries. Since the country is subject to restrictions on non-concessionary borrowing, issuing bonds and metal futures could be a way to access international markets. The country is hoping to leverage its vast lithium reserves, whose value is estimated at over $3 trillion. It is also aiming to become a significant player in the lithium mining business. (1)

3 trillions, it is 3 000 000 000 000.

Afghanistan could thus become a “Saudi Arabia of mineral energies”.

Since peace talks have been signed, Afghanistan is headed toward inevitable economic development according to the Pentagon (2).

Countries fought centuries to control Afghanistan natural mineral wealth.

Today, Fantom is the one in pole position to extract the spoils of wars.

Fantom with its unique tech, has the pole position to be the one whose technology is used to issue the famous bonds, but also every financial instrument will built on-chain.

For a project with a capitalisation under 100 million, it is absolutely staggering.

At a mere 0.5% of 3T, issuing a bond would require the fantom opera mainet to rise at a mere 15 billion in value, who at the current token circulation would put ftm at a price of $4.72 (33% collateral) not including the very obvious speculation happening.

The current DABS partnership and the upcoming possibility of the creation of the first stock exchange on a DLT technology, push me to suggest a buy recommendation for the crypto Fantom up to $5.

Article by TheRabbit, Corrected by Dave, Works From Fantom Kings Telegram Group.

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