Fantom is a layer 1 smart contract platform that has recently stolen all the attention, with an astronomical rise of 500% in a week.

What happened? What is Fantom? What’s the hype?

Good news for you, my friend. If you’re reading this, you’re still early, and you can be part of one of the few crypto unicorns that can grow 100x and more in the current market.

Why? Read below.

Fantom is fast and cheap

Fantom confirms transactions in less than 2 seconds, and they cost a fraction of a cent, or $0.00001.

You know, like Ethereum. Not.

Andre Cronje built it

Andre Cronje, the genius developer behind Yearn

Crypto is the game of finding a pearl among an ocean of failed projects.

Those who recognize an opportunity when she first appears, will profit immensely.

The prince doesn’t always looks like a stud, but in the art of love, the purse is also the pertinent reason, of many weddings.

Crypto PEPE Investment Advice

Now it is time to make the make an acquaintance with the misunderstood Fantom (FTM).

Let’s be realistic about the crypto space, few projects have got real-world applications.

Fantom stands quite alone among many.

Afghanistan, the graveyard of many armies, is a misunderstood country.

The choice of a wide-scale partnerships…

There are people imagining one billion ftm tokens are on Binance.

(I see it on etherscan bro),

They couldn’t be more wrong,

As at 29/01/2020,

Total supply circulating is 2 567 357 324 FTM tokens.

1 392 226 723 are stacked on PWA Wallet.


Gentlemen Club

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